Crochet using Intwined Pattern Studio

We are pleased to announce that we have recently developed a new set of Crochet stitches for Intwined Pattern Studio. Our newly expanded Crochet stitch-set now includes more than three dozen crochet stitches.

The Crochet stitch-set is an optional add-on that you can download and import into your Intwined Stitch Library. These stitches use American crochet terminology, but Intwined allows you to edit the descriptions and instructions for working the stitches if you want to customize them.

You can download the Crochet stitch-set here:

Follow these simple steps to install the Crochet stitches into your Intwined stitch library.

Step 1: After clicking on the link above, choose to save the zip file temporarily on your desktop.
Step 2: The crochet ZIP file contains a crochet SET file. Unzip the file, and save the SET file on your desktop.
Step 3: Open Intwined and select the "Stitch Library" option under the Intwined "Tools" menu.
Step 4: Click the "Import Set" button, and navigate to your Desktop, then select the .SET file you unzipped.
Step 5: Once the crochet stitches have been imported into your Stitch Library, you can erase the downloaded crochet ZIP file and the SET file from your desktop. The imported crochet stitches will remain available in your Intwined stitch library under the category of Crochet.

Currently, Intwined only supports "flat" Crochet patterns, although we hope we can add the ability to create "in-the-round" patterns in a future software update. These crochet stitches are a new addition to Intwined Pattern Studio, and we are very interested in any comments or suggestions you may have about them.

More information about these Crochet stitches can be found at the following web-links: