Intwined Pattern Studio is fun, powerful software for knitting, lace, crochet, and weaving pattern design.

Here are a few features of Intwined Pattern Studio:

  • Create a complete pattern to print, sell, or share as a PDF, or export as your favorite image format
  • Intwined has over 200 built-in stitches, cables, and symbols for knitting, weaving, lace, and crochet
  • You can create your own custom stitches and stitch icons, if we missed any
  • As you "paint" your chart, Intwined creates the written instructions, for in-the-round or flat knitting styles
  • If you prefer to type or paste your pattern instructions, Intwined creates the graphic of the chart as you type
  • Intwined uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), so your designs never look like pixels
  • Intwined Pattern Studio is easy to use, and affordable ($44)

We love your comments and questions, so please contact us.

Intwined is now Available on CD from

Intwined Pattern Studio is now available on CD from, the perfect way to purchase Intwined as a gift, or for those who just prefer their software mailed to them on CD, rather than as an instant download.

Here is the link to KnitPicks:

Buzz About Intwined Studio

Buzz about Intwined Pattern Studio:
it’s a bargain! I'll take 3!
Lily Chin
...Aside from being able to add color, some of my favorite features are the document tab for entering notes, switching between flat, round and skipping rows with ease and being able to rotate, flip and mirror parts of a chart. But my absolutely favorite part, which made me geek out a bit, is the ability to add stitches to the stitch library.

Intwined Studio User Guide Available Online

The Intwined Pattern Studio User Guide is available online to give you the most detailed information available about Intwined and to help answer any questions you may have about the software.

Sample Chart and Document

Here is a sample PDF of the output you can get from Intwined Pattern Studio.

Videos Now On Youtube!

Here are the videos that we've already added to the website.

Video: Stitch Library Features

This video is a 5:30 minute (14MB) video that goes through the features of the stitch library, including creating a stitch set, and modifying existing stitches.

Demo Video for Intwined Studio Version 1.0

This video will demo the basic features of Intwined Studio and take you from a new document to your first PDF in less than 10 minutes.

Screenshots for Version 1.0

A few screen shots of the Mac version can be found here.

Screen shots of the Stitch Library can be found here.

A quick 1.1 screen shot, demoing new optional features.

Here are some screen shots of Intwined Studio version 1.0 in action!
(To view the images fullsize right click and select "View Image")

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