Sneak Peek of the 1.1 Update

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and comments about our software. I wanted to provide a little preview of what's coming next week.

In addition to our current featuere set the following items will also be available in the free 1.1 update due out next week. For our current users, if you're connected to the internet, when the update becomes available you will be prompted to download the new update, or you can check manually by selecting "Tools" >> "Check for Updates..."

-Key Export - "Document" >> "Save Key as Image"
-Lace Mode (can handle Knitted Lace and Lace Knitting)
-Ability to Skip every other row on the chart
-Ability to start chart numbering on user selected row and column numbers.
-Stitch Replacer ("Chart" >> "Replace a Stitch")
-Page Breaks for the document
-Remove multiple columns/rows
-Shortcuts... LOTS of shortcuts.
-Mac: standardized redo shortcut cmd+shift+z
-Zoom on chart Ctrl++/Ctrl+- or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Up/Down (Mac: cmd instead of ctrl)
-Optional Top and Bottom Column headers
-Optional Header Backgrounds
-Optional change from Gray "No Stitch" cells to blank w/o cell borders.
-Improved the Row/Column number size and positioning.
-Updated stitch images for t3b t3f
-Chart key can now hold variable/large amounts of text for the stitch description
-Ability to show Wrong Side directions for document key.
-Fixed "bug" where pdf wouldn't update if you update chart w/o returning to the document tab.
-Fixed Delete Row 1 bug.
-New file format. When you save your old files they will be updated.

Anything listed as optional will have a configuration option in the "Tools" >> "Options" (Mac: "Intwined Studio" >> "Preferences")

And a quick screen shot with the new features turned on... (to view the image full size, right click and "view image")