Screenshots for Version 1.0

A few screen shots of the Mac version can be found here.

Screen shots of the Stitch Library can be found here.

A quick 1.1 screen shot, demoing new optional features.

Here are some screen shots of Intwined Studio version 1.0 in action!
(To view the images fullsize right click and select "View Image")

New document dialog

Main window with a new document already started.

A selection of cells has been made using the lasso.

We've flipped all four corners of the chart both vertically and horizontally.

The undo history for the document. (The history can be accessed from the "View" menu, "Show Undo History").

We've created a basic document with the chart and the text instructions.

The Stitch Library, it can be edited and added to. (The Stitch Library is under the "Tools" menu, "Stitch Library")

If you click on a stitch's icon in the Stitch Library you will get the Icon Editor, which will allow you to change the icon for this stitch/cable.

Under the "Tools" menu, "Options" will open this window and from here you can customize the settings for Intwined Studio.