version 1.1

Changes from 1.1 to 1.2

-Added Ability to export chart and document key to SVG
-Fixed bug that caused high CPU usage especially on the Mac.
-Lightened grid lines on charts for better overall legibility.
-Added 1s to the instructions for single stitches. (ie. k1, p1)
-Added Custom Footer to document/PDF. (Set in "Tools" >> "Options")
-Mac: Added ability to use Control key + mouse button to remove border.
-Stitch Library: Made the check for already used abbreviations case insensitive.
-Fixed bug where the Lace Mode didn't correctly translate the wrong side rows.

Now Available - Intwined Studio Version 1.1

24 February 2010 - Chico, CA - Favor Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of Intwined Pattern Studio version 1.1. This version of our innovative pattern design software includes improved chart output, and a new lace mode, among other new features. Many of the changes are in response to requests made by our users. A complete list of changes is available on our website.

Owners of version 1.0 will automatically be prompted to update the software the next time you start Intwined Studio (if you are connected to the internet).

Changes from 1.0 to 1.1

-Key Export - “Document” » “Save Key as Image”
-Lace Mode (can handle Knitted Lace and Lace Knitting)
-Ability to Skip every other row on the chart
-Ability to start chart numbering on user selected row and column numbers.
-Stitch Replacer (“Chart” » “Replace a Stitch”)
-Page Breaks for the document
-Remove multiple columns/rows
-Shortcuts… LOTS of shortcuts.
-Mac: standardized redo shortcut cmd+shift+z
-Zoom on chart Ctrl++/Ctrl+- or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Up/Down (Mac: cmd instead of ctrl)
-Optional Top and Bottom Column headers
-Optional Header Backgrounds

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