Software Updates

Regular software updates for Intwined Pattern Studio are free.

Intwined will automatically check for new updates whenever you start Intwined, by default, and a message box will pop up to let you know if an update is available. The pop up message box will give you the choice to download and automatically install the update, or not. Of course, this feature only works if your computer is connected to the internet.

Changes in Version 1.5.3 Update

Here are a list of changes and bug-fixes in Intwined Pattern Studio since version 1.3.361:

v1.3.356 Fixed wrong icons for stitches 11RC, 11RP, 21RC, 21RP
v1.3.356 Fixed software registration wizard to accept mangled serial numbers
v1.3.356 Fixed software registration wizard to give useful error messages
v1.3.356 Fixed help/about window to show serial number more clearly
v1.3.357 Fixed bug where program might crash on loading a broken KIT file
v1.3.359 Changed built-in stitch library file name from "stitches.conf" to "ips_stitches.xml"

Now Available - Intwined Pattern Studio 1.3

We are proud to announce the release of Intwined Pattern Studio version 1.3. This update includes over 200 stitches, cables, and symbols included in the built-in stitch library. We have added a new feature to let you print or export a PDF file with any image-size and resolution. We also fixed a bug in the lace-mode that translated the wrong side rows to text instructions incorrectly, along with several other improvements.

If you have a previous version of Intwined Studio you will automatically be prompted to update the software the next time it is started (if you are connected to the internet).

Changes from 1.1 to 1.2

-Added Ability to export chart and document key to SVG
-Fixed bug that caused high CPU usage especially on the Mac.
-Lightened grid lines on charts for better overall legibility.
-Added 1s to the instructions for single stitches. (ie. k1, p1)
-Added Custom Footer to document/PDF. (Set in "Tools" >> "Options")
-Mac: Added ability to use Control key + mouse button to remove border.
-Stitch Library: Made the check for already used abbreviations case insensitive.
-Fixed bug where the Lace Mode didn't correctly translate the wrong side rows.

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