Changes from 1.0 to 1.1

-Key Export - “Document” » “Save Key as Image”
-Lace Mode (can handle Knitted Lace and Lace Knitting)
-Ability to Skip every other row on the chart
-Ability to start chart numbering on user selected row and column numbers.
-Stitch Replacer (“Chart” » “Replace a Stitch”)
-Page Breaks for the document
-Remove multiple columns/rows
-Shortcuts… LOTS of shortcuts.
-Mac: standardized redo shortcut cmd+shift+z
-Zoom on chart Ctrl++/Ctrl+- or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Up/Down (Mac: cmd instead of ctrl)
-Optional Top and Bottom Column headers
-Optional Header Backgrounds

Intwined Feature List

  • Available for Apple Macintosh OS X or Microsoft Windows
  • Easily create your own charts and patterns for knitting. You can also use Intwined to create weaving charts.
  • Print your patterns, or save them as publication-quality PDFs
  • Export charts in your choice of image format, including BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and SVG
  • The built-in stitch library includes over 200 stitches, cables, and symbols
  • You can add your own custom stitches and cables, or change the icons for existing stitches

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